About - Testimonials Photo
About - Testimonials Photo


Client Testimonials

“ComTrans transportation staff is always professional and courteous to FCMHC staff and our clients. Many of our clients require special circumstances, and ComTrans drivers, dispatchers and supervisors consistently strive to accommodate their special needs and requirements. It is refreshing to know that an agency can have such a positive working relationship as the one that exists between ComTrans and FCMHC.”
--Operations Coordinator, Friendship Community Mental Health Center
“ComTrans has provided transportation services to behavioral health recipients at the Partners in Recovery since 2000. The services have been provided in a timely manner and with great respect shown to our recipients. ComTrans is an integral part of the services delivered to our recipients throughout the years and they continue to improve.”
--Site Administrator, Partners In Recovery, East Valley Campus
“...they have proven to be a reliable source for specialized transportation and are able to accommodate the district’s needs. Their staff is professional and well-trained and the routes have been punctual and consistent.”
--Director of Transportation, Gilbert School District
“...since being our Special Needs transportation vendor, they have exhibited a very professional attitude toward transporting our precious cargo.”
--Division Manager, Phoenix Unified School District

Parent Testimonials

“My son is happier going to school now.”
--Parent of a Special Needs Passenger
“I feel so confident that my son is in good hands and that they really care.”
“I have never had a problem with the service and the driver is very nice to my son.”
“The driver has always been very professional as well as patient when transporting our two children to school and home each day.”
“It means a lot to me that my son enjoys taking the van to school. I really appreciate the door-to-door service.”
“I am very pleased and happy that my son has a good driver that cares about him. I don’t have to stress and worry about him once they pick him up.”
“Your people have very good people skills. Keep up the good work.”
“The drivers are very respectful and care about the students.”
“The driver is great with the kids. We love her.”
“The driver and attendant seem genuinely happy to see my son and greet him cheerfully in the morning.”
“My son has been driving with ComTrans personnel for many years now. We love the people, drivers, aides and staff members. Everyone is polite, cooperative and friendly.”

Passenger Testimonials

“ComTrans has some fabulous drivers.”
“You are prompt, caring and gentle. ComTrans is always on time.”
“You guys have nice cars. The drivers are never late.”
“The drivers are always respectful.”
“ComTrans drivers always show up smiling. I think that ComTrans drivers are kind, sweet, loving people. I love ComTrans.”
“Drivers are careful in their transport and get you to your destination safely and on time.”
“My driver makes me feel safe.”
“ComTrans gets me to where I need to be on time.”
“The vans are super clean and drivers are always right on time.”
“The drivers are always friendly.”
“I have always felt safe physically and emotionally. Your vehicles have always been clean. I appreciate the timely service and would recommend your service to anyone.”
“I feel safe being transported by my driver.”
“The drivers are nice and I always feel comfortable.”
“ComTrans is really reliable.”

Staff Testimonials

“We go out of our way to get the client where they need to go even if it's a major inconvenience to the company.”
“I do feel that ComTrans lives by our Mission Statement and Values. ComTrans truly does want to make a difference in the lives of both our clients and employees.”
“The company and its staff go out of the way to make clients feel safe and comfortable.”
“Clients are transported with care and concern on daily basis.”
“I have clients that are so happy when I pick them up.”
“I like to think that even though I am just giving somebody a ride where they need to be that I am giving help to my community by helping that person.”
“Sometimes people tell us how grateful they are for our help. That means more than anything else.”
“I love my job! It's very satisfying by the end of my day knowing that I have helped someone out that truly needed our services!”
“I have never gotten better, more thorough training than when I started at ComTrans.”
“I am shocked that our benefit package is so good for the size and industry that we work in. The no waiting period of the 401K is awesome. We also don't pay that much for our insurance benefits.”
“Starting a new job is always a challenge. When I first started everyone was willing to help me and encourage me. The key was everyone was patient with me. It really felt like they all wanted me to succeed. How can you fail with great people like that to help you? I enjoy this job because of the really great people that work here.”
“After the most recent display of awesomeness from your company, I
thought I should write. YOU GUYS ROCK! I initially worked with your
company as a CPS case aide in Tucson and am now fortunate enough to be working with your company as a CPS case aide in Lake Havasu City (I'm so happy you guys are up here!). No matter where or what, your company continues to seemingly go above and beyond. I use the word 'seemingly' because I'm beginning to think that you guys just operate at the highest level at all times! It's just normal for you guys to
THE best job. Please give raises, hugs, flowers, chicken dinners or
whatever you can to Anthony Jackson and his staff and Edie Cussick and her wonderful staff. They are great representatives of your company and continuously have me singing the praises of ComTrans.”
--CPS Worker