ComTrans Management Team

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Photo of Neal Thomas
Neal Thomas
Photo of Cyndi Cross
Executive Vice President
Cyndi Cross
Photo of Jay Meyer
Director of Operations
Jay Meyer
Photo of Mona Lee
Human Resources Manager
Mona Lee
Photo of Anthony Jackson
Program Manager
Anthony Jackson
Photo of Chris Soplop
Program Manager
Chris Soplop
Photo of Ricardo Bedoy
Dispatch Manager
Ricardo Bedoy
Photo of Lynne Carrel
Program Manager
Lynne Carrel
Photo of Bruce Wilson
Training Coordinator
Bruce Wilson
Photo of Tawana Scott
Program Supervisor
Tawana Scott
Photo of Jamerson Savant
Fleet Manager
Jamerson Savant
Photo of Donna Anderson
Contracts Administrator
Donna Anderson
Photo of Stephanie Cervantes
Program Supervisor
Stephanie Cervantes
Photo of Diana Colin
DCS New Hire Supervisor
Diana Colin
Photo of Linda Des Lauriers
Program Supervisor
Linda Des Lauriers
Photo of Kimberly Foster
Program Supervisor
Kimberly Foster
Photo of FaRay Gibson
Program Supervisor
FaRay Gibson
Photo of Larry Hintz
Program Supervisor
Larry Hintz
Photo of David Perez
David Perez
Photo of Blanca Villalobos
Billing Manager
Blanca Villalobos
Photo of Donald Williams
HR Recruiter
Donald Williams
Photo of Liza Wilson
Program Supervisor
Liza Wilson
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