Specialized Community Behavioral Health and Social Service Transportation
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Highly Trained

ComTrans drivers deliver caring and trusted customer service to every passenger while delivering value to every client. Every day of the year, ComTrans transports consumers to and from appointments with counselors and physicians while serving children and adults through contracts with:

  • Behavioral Health Agencies
  • State Agencies
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Hospitals

Also serving:

  • School Districts – McKinney Vento and Special Needs Children

ComTrans transports child passengers to:

  • Children's' After-school Behavioral Health Programs
  • Special Needs School Programs
  • Child Protective Services Appointments, Home Visits and Programs
  • Elementary, Middle and High Schools

24/7/365 Crisis Transport Services Are Also Available

  • Getting people in crisis situations to safe destinations to receive appropriate intervention
  • Contact ComTrans to establish a contract for Crisis Transport Services
  • For Crisis Transportation Services in Maricopa County, call: 602-222-9444
  • For Crisis Transportation Services in Pima County, call: 520-622-6000

Clients Choose Us Because

ComTrans provides:

  • Safe transportation in clean, reliable vehicles for every passenger
  • Highly trained, uniformed drivers who display ID badges
  • Punctual services with a positive attitude
  • Respect for each passenger
  • Extensive background checks of our drivers
  • Services that are tailored to the client
  • An experience that is reflected by clients' 99% satisfaction rating
  • The best value to our contracted clients

*Transportation arrangements are available only for those who are covered by contract with a ComTrans client organization. One-time trips cannot be scheduled for individuals who are not covered in a contractual agreement with ComTrans.

  • ComTrans provides only non-emergency, non-ambulance transportation.
  • 9-1-1 emergency services are not available through ComTrans.
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