Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use ComTrans to get me where I want to go?

ComTrans provides transportation services to passengers who are covered under the terms of contracts with agencies, organizations or businesses. Contracts are developed to provide the specific level of service that is appropriate for each passenger. To make arrangements for a ride, passengers contact their Case Managers or Transportation Coordinators who, then, use our fully automated online scheduling services. It may be possible to schedule one-time transportation of a group of people to and from an individual event, if it does not conflict with regularly scheduled contractual commitments. For more information, call us at 602.231-0102 ext. 169.

How many rides do I need to schedule to qualify for a transportation contract with ComTrans?
There is no minimum number. ComTrans fulfills contracts that schedule up to 400 passenger transports per day and others that schedule two passenger transports per week.
Is my request for transportation on the schedule?
Passengers who need to check to see if their request in on the daily schedule should call ComTrans at 602-231-0102, option 2.

Case Managers and Transportation Coordinators can check on daily, weekly and monthly schedules for their clients by calling 602-231-0102, option 2, or by sending us a e-mail at:
In which communities does ComTrans transport people?
ComTrans provides transportation to passengers anywhere in the state of Arizona. Most of our passengers are transported within Maricopa, Pima and Pinal counties. ComTrans does not provide transportation services outside of Arizona.
Where do you take your passengers?
ComTrans transports passengers to and from healthcare appointments, behavioral health facilities, schools, after-school programs, special events, and family visits scheduled by the Arizona Department of Child Protective Services. Other arrangements can be made in contracts that can be customized to fulfill the specific requirements of an organization or state agency.
What kind of passengers do you serve?
ComTrans transports people of all ages, particularly those who need extra supervision and assurance that they will be treated with respect and dignity. ComTrans specializes in providing transportation for children, the elderly, people with physical or visual disabilities, people with behavioral issues or mental illness, and others who need help with special circumstances.

All passengers must not be a danger to themselves or others, cannot be in a state of urgent crisis or be dealing with an urgent medical issue.

For transportation for someone in a behavioral health crisis, contact:

Crisis Response Network
Maricopa County Line – 602.222-9444
Pima County Line – 520-622-6000
How does ComTrans charge for its services?
All contract rates are established before transportation services begin. Contracts may be negotiated on an hourly basis, by a base rate plus pickup charges, or via group rates. Other arrangements can be made, as necessary, to tailor the contract to the client.
What hours does ComTrans transport people?
ComTrans can be on the road 24/7/365.
What is the age range of your passengers?
Passengers range in age between newborn infants to elderly adults.
How long has ComTrans been in business?
The company was founded in 1995 to fill a void in the options for transportation services in Maricopa County for people with behavioral issues.
How much training do ComTrans drivers have?
Before getting on the road with a passenger, each ComTrans driver spends a minimum of 40 hours in intense, personal training with our team of full-time trainers, special instructors and consultants. Both classroom and on-the-road instruction is part of the training curriculum. Ongoing training and refresher courses are provided monthly, annually and every two years, depending on the subject.

We don’t just ask our drivers to watch a video and hope they learn something. Training is incorporated into every aspect of our service—including internal employee communications and monthly podcasts—to keep our drivers’ skills sharp.
Does ComTrans perform background checks on your drivers?
Yes. In addition to background checks before being hired, each driver must pass a fingerprint clearance which is much more thorough, and would identify any person with a felony conviction or a criminal record.
How do I know that I, or my child, will be safe?
Driver training and vehicle safety are uppermost priorities at ComTrans.

All ComTrans drivers must pass a fingerprint clearance and thorough background check before being hired.

Each vehicle is equipped with GPS technology, and many have passenger video monitoring capability. There is two-way communication with each driver at all times, and automated systems tell us who is on board in each vehicle. And each vehicle undergoes a thorough pre- and post-trip inspection.

Everything we do is geared around the answer to this question: Would we send our own children or our grandparents with one of our drivers? We do everything for our passengers the same way we would provide transportation services for our own families.
How many drivers does ComTrans have?
ComTrans employs more than 200 drivers.
What types of vehicles do you have in the ComTrans fleet?

The fleet of nearly 200 ComTrans vehicles includes cars, mini-vans, large vans and wheelchairs vans. All vehicles in the ComTrans fleet are typically retired after three to four years of reliable service.

Are there any job opportunities at ComTrans?

To check on current opportunities to join the ComTrans team, click here.